+ Govt. Polytechnic College Bhikhiwind

The dynamic learning environment in technical institutes demands continuous up- gradation of knowledge and information. Library is like an eternal fountain, disseminating knowledge and enlightening its users. Moreover, the flood of literature and the spiralling cost of books and journals have made it almost impossible to procure the relevant information at an individual level. The institution has a well-stocked and well-planned library with a spacious, airy, well- furnished and well-lit reading hall. The library subscribes to about five leading dailies, journals and chronicles on science, technology and management, art, culture and literature. The aim is not only to keep the readers abreast of the latest happenings and developments taking place in the technical field but to inculcate 'social and human values', 'communication and soft skills' and 'innovation and creativity' amongst them. Students belonging to economically weaker sections of society are provided books for the whole semester. The reference books section is also estabilished. The order and quiet of the library, its efficient organization and general academic ambience invites a large reading clientele

To make the students familiar with various manufacturing practices and processes the institute has well equipped workshops. As the saying goes, "Learning by doing is the best method of learning and leaves a lasting impression on the young minds of the students". The students of the college get the opportunity to work in machine shop, carpentry shop, sheet metal shop, welding shop and smithy shop to get hands-on training. Sincere and persistent efforts by the staff of workshop wing helps students learn by actually doing the various procedures by their own hands. The exposure to design intricacies, manufacturing processes, fabrication techniques and working of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing helps students adapt to the industrial environment, when they come across similar floor situations in the industry.

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